Black Empowerment and why Patience isn't my Virtue

I'm just tired of being told to wait on stuff forever.

I know this isn't something anyone in my position should be saying but I'm sick of hearing about patience. I don't want patience when it comes to Black Empowerment. A person who is burning wouldn't want to wait for water like a man who is freezing. And you may think that analogy doesn't work until you realize that Black People have been burned alive. Now you expect patience from me as an activist?

Not a chance.

Don't ask me to sit here and act like we have all the time in the world to waste. When I go after police corruption, government nonsense, inform the masses about reparations on social media or discuss general news it isn't because I want people to NOT see an immediate problem. Most of my content as a content creator usually ranges from Black Issues to Police Officers sexually assaulting women and children to receive no prison time but probation instead. That was a real story. I cover stuff like that all the time. You want me to be PATIENT with that kind of stuff in terms of the changes I want to see to ensure this sort of nonsense doesn't occur anymore?

You want me to be patient? Well, let me tell you a little something about patience.

You're reading this from a child molestation victim turned soldier turned law enforcement officer turned black law enforcement WHISTLE-BLOWER turned targeted man turned social media content creator ranging in the hundreds of millions of views in a manner of months. 

Do I sound like the type to care about patience? Perhaps instead of telling me to have patience some people can have a little more DRIVE. 

Dion McNeil

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