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Hi. I am a homeschool mum of three queens, 10,7 and 3. We live in Australia and have a curriculum to follow. My 10 years old has been doing history and of course it is very Eurocentric and she asked me one day, "What was happening in Africa when all this was happening in Europe?"
Good question! I realised just how little information is taight about ancient-modern Africa. It is just assumed we lived in darkness and knew nothing until the Europeans came. So that question set us off in a long journey into Africa and its history. I was privileged to learn African history from my dad who was a history teacher and now i had an opportunity to teach it to my girls.
Now, i think we all underestimate how big and vast Africa is. With 2000+ languages (some of them further divided) and 2000+ different cultures...we could spend more than a lifetime learning about it all.
So i came up with a challenge for her. We decided to focus on the Women of Africa and their achievements. Right from ancient Africa-to date. What started as a handful of women became 70 form across the continent. We researched them and she drew a portrait of each of them and we did a little write up on their lives.
It has now turned into 4 main books: African Queens (ancient Africa), Stronger together (pre-colonial Africa), courageous and daring (colonial Africa) and Herstory (post-colonial Africa).
We also have 'Women of Africa' which is a summarised portfolio of all 70 women. Her younger sisters also loved colouring in her drawings so we made two colouring books of 35 women each for the younger kids not only to learn of these amazing women but also colour them in. Boon 1 covers the first two books and book 2 the third and fourth book
So if you would like to learn more about Africa and its women. You can find the books on Amazon.com here: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0BX....FWLHP1?binding=paper and also on Amazon com.au here: https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B....0BXFWLHP1?binding=pa
They are in ebook format and also paperback formar. I would love to get feedback and reviews on the books so it can encourage my princesses not to stop learning on who they are and where they come from. Thanks for reading to the end and happy reading. Happy Sunday.