About Us

OBT Social is the first social media platform of its kind. Our mission is to educate and inform all people regardless of race and ethnicity to who Africans and African descended people really are based upon truth and facts. We are raising the standard of black social media by not allowing mentally and physically destructive content on the platform nor do we algorithms pushing content on users. Another unique feature of the OBT Social app is the ability for members to potentially earn tips for their educational, informative and entertaining posts and comments. 

Now we can have discussions without being censored for speaking truth just because someone else does not like what we have to say. However, we do censor any content that is demeaning, degrading or destructive to our people or how we are perceived by others.  The media quite often displays Africans and African descended people negatively, but now that we have our own media platform, that is about to change. 

It takes a lot of great minds and people who love our people, coming together with a common goal to make this movement a success. Understanding this we have implemented a Community Advisory Board and Think Tank consisting of experts that spans four generations, from various disciplines who could come together to build a new nation if we were so tasked. This endeavor is the equivalent of building our own nation in cyberspace.

OBT Social is bringing truth and life to our people through the understanding of God, our ancestors, knowledge of self and unity.